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Stay - Mayday Parade

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Hoy se ha lanzado el nuevo videoclip del disco homónimo de Mayday Parade "Stay"

Canción y videoclip muy del estilo de Mayday Parade. Buenas músicas y musicalidad, e historia guionizada y currada ( y dolorosa)  y mucho protagonismo de Derek con sus teclados y su sobreactuación...

Como siempre en los temas de Mayday su fuerte son las letras:

"I need some time just deliver the things that i need for now 
Everything that i feel's like a warm deep calm casting over me 
And it's taking me to somewhere new 
If you believe that everything's alright 
You won't be all alone tonight 
And i'd be blessed by the light of your company, 

Slowly lifting me to somewhere new 
 Oh can you tell, i haven't slept very well 
Since the last time that we spoke, you said "please understand if i see you again don't even say hello.

" Please, 
What a night it is, when you live like this 
And you're coming up beneath the clouds, 
Don't let me down 
All the love's still there i just don't know what to do with it now 
You know, i still can't believe we both did some things I don't even wanna think about 
Just say you love me and i'll say "i'm sorry, 
I don't want anybody else to feel this way" 

No, no, no 
Oh can you tell, i haven't slept very well 
Since the last time that we spoke, i said 

"please understand i've been drinking again, and all i do is hope" 

Please... stay Please stay 
I'll admit i was wrong about everything 
Cause i'm high and i don't wanna come down 
All the fun that we had on your mothers couch, 
I don't even wanna think about I'm not strong enough for the both of us 
What was i supposed to do 
You know i love you 
Whoa-oh Please just stay Stay"

Disfruten de este tema que merece la pena

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